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English Courses for Adults

English Courses for ADULTS 

English for Life and combined English for Life & Work groups at different levels. Lessons take place 2-3 times a week; attention is paid to all the skills needed to improve one’s level of English (speaking, listening, writing, reading & grammar).  Furthermore, there are additional speaking practice classes integrated into the syllabus.

Preparation courses for the following international English language proficiency tests:

* First Certificate in English (FCE 
* Certificate of Advanced English (CAE 
* Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE 
For additional info about examinations please see:

Tallinn Language Centre operates an academic year from September to May which involves 160 academic hours of classroom study.
It is possible to join our courses throughout the school year (September-May).  

Qualified teachers - native speakers of English! 

 Our 2019/2020 school year (02.09.2019-15.05.2020; 160 ac.hours):
Term 1 (02.09-20.12.2019; 78 ac.hours) – course fee 608,40 €
Term 2 (13.01-15.05.2020; 82 ac.hours) – course fee 639,60 €   

18 May – 12 June 2020 
40 ac.hours 
Groups at different levels.
Classes: Mo-Fr at 17.45 -19.15 
Course fee: 372 €* (materials included)
Please call (tel 6410607) or e-mail ( us to ask for more information and register. 

*The above course fees include 20% VAT   
1 academic hour = 45 minutes

Available discounts when joining group courses: a 10% discount is available for our loyal clients.

To join a group at International House Tallinn / Tallinn Language Centre you need to do a placement test. This involves a grammar test and an interview. The grammar test can be taken on paper at our school (Luise 4, Tallinn) or online here. For the interview you need to come to the school. After the test we will be able to determine your language level and offer you a place in one of our groups.  

 Additional info:
Tallinn Language Centre / International House Tallinn
4 Luise Str, Tallinn 10142
Tel: (+372) 6 411 407 / 6 410 607

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