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Nicholas Marsh (Cambridge CELTA, BSc)

Nicholas Marsh

Nicholas was born in London, England. He speaks English, French and can get by in Spanish too. His Estonian gets him by but it still feels like a long way to go!

He lived in London until University studies took him to Southampton, where he read Pharmacology, which included a gap-year in France. After graduating, Nick started to work in Pharmaceuticals, where he met his Estonian wife. After some years in the UK, they decided to leave the crazy life in England and moved to Estonia. Nick took this opportunity to start a new career and decided to try teaching English; a choice he is glad he made!

Since arriving, Nick and his wife have adopted two stray puppies, who are now fully grown dogs and love playing .... anywhere. Nick and his wife have also got married during their time in Tallinn and moved to a lovely flat in Kalamaja. They also have a ruined farm house in Läänemaa that they hope one day will be turned into a nice summer house!

Nick has enjoyed motorcycling for 20 years and has enjoyed his other big interest, traveling, for as long as he can remember. He also likes photography, trying new foods, camping and exploring the rich Estonian nature and, of course, mushroom-picking!

In 2006, he and his partner put their love of bikes and travel together and, after saving up for 2 years, flew themselves and their motorbike to Argentina and toured South America for 3 months. Following that amazing journey they have decided to continue traveling the world, with future trips to Asia and Africa. However, now having two dogs, two wheels may become four. In the mean time, Nick likes taking his dogs in his Ural sidecar to spend a few nights in the forest!!
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