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1. ... your brother a teacher? Are Is Does Have
2. What's ... name? him he his John
3. He is ... engineer. a an the one
4. They ... in a big house in the centre of town. leave lives live have
5. ... is the post office? When Who Where Why
6. ... seven people in my family. There is Have There are There have
7. Can I speak to Helen please? - Sorry, she ... a bath at the moment. have having has is having
8. We ... to the theatre last night. have been have gone go went
9. They ... at home yesterday. was are were have been
10. London is ... than Tallinn. bigger more big much big big
11. I have a broken leg so I ... . am playing can play play can't play
12. I... to go to a restaurant this evening. like do like would like am liking
13. ... he got a car? Has Is Have Does
14. They ... us three times since Christmas. visit have visited are visiting visited
15. Have you got any plans for your holidays? - Yes ... to Italy next week. I'm going I go I'll go I'd go
16. I normally live in London but this year ... in Tallinn. I live I'm living I do live I would have
17. When the accident happened she ... from Tallinn to Tartu. is driving drives drove was driving
18. She works at International House Tallinn as a teacher. She ... a teacher for 5 years. is has been is been was
19. She ... Estonian since she arrived in Tallinn last year. has been studying studies is studying studied
20. Your leg looks bad - you ... see a doctor. have should to go going should
21. You ... harder if you want to pass the exam. are studying must study must to study have study
22. He explained that it was very dark so he ... . can't see saw couldn't see can't saw
23. Why don't you ... that you love him. say him tell to him tell tell him
24. I'm so poor! If ... more money, I'd buy a car. I had I have I'd have I'll have
25. If you ... her, say hello. saw have seen see will see
26. (I didn't meet them) If I'd met them, I ... them the presents. gave have given would have given would give
27. I didn't buy this watch, it ... to me. was given gave gives has given
28. They asked her who ... . is she she is was she she was
29. I liked the countryside but I didn't enjoy ... by car. to travel travelled travel travelling
30. You like coffee, ... ? don't you aren't you are you wouldn't you
31. She ... breakfast when the phone rang. has just finished just finished was just finished had just finished
32. Some English people speak German but ... speak Japanese. any a few few little
33. This time next week ... on the beach. I'll lie I'm going to lie I'll be lying I lie
34. When my great grandfather was alive, people ... by horse or on foot. travel used to travelling used travel used to travel
35. I'm so embarrassed - I ... so drunk last night. should get should have got shouldn't get shouldn't have got
36. I wish I ... a dog when I was young. had have had had had have
37. She asked me if I ... to sing at the dance. am going would was going could
38. The road was ... long and tiring. extremely totally absolutely completely
39. He ... save the dog from drowning in spite of the big waves. could was able to manage to couldn't
40. He is German. ... he has an English name. However Though Although Inspite of
41. ... she was constantly late, she lost her job. Inspite of As Although Despite
42. The books this semester are ... the books we used last year. as alike like similar
43. I'll never forget ... in Tallinn by ship for the first time. arrive arriving to arrive arrival
44. As soon as he ... the document he destroyed it. was reading was going to read would read had read
45. You really ... to apologise you know. You were very rude. ought should might must
46. Had I known you were coming, I ... a cake. will bake was going to bake would have baked was baking
47. What ... most about English? off you puts puts off you puts you off you off puts
48. Since the scandals last year, that bank has fallen into ... . disrepute bad name shamed shameful
49. The ... of our students hear about us by word of mouth. mass bulk range gross
50. We managed to ... the last economic depression by downsizing. weather surmount override float
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