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Кроме обучения английскому языку, в рамках программ Европейского Союза и программы Nordplus наша школа языков участвовала/участвует в следующих международных проектах:
logo_ICT4LWUL ERASMUS+ programme project 'ICT Based Methods for Teaching Less Widely Used Languages' (ICT4LWUL) aimed to enhance the use of ICT in language teaching. The focus was on 3 different types of ICT-based methods: e-learning, web platforms & social media and using mobile and smartphone devices in teaching. Languages schools and universities from 6 different countries - Romania (Bridge Language Study House, Cluj-Napoca), Poland (Studium Jezykow Obcych, Lodz), Estonia (Tallinn Language Centre), Italy (Europass Centro Studi Europeo, Florence), Hungary (Debrecen Summer School) and Check Republic (ITC International Training Center, Prague) - took part in the project. The partnership pursued the following objectives: Increasing the knowledge about 3 different types of ICT based methods within the partnership during the lifetime of the project; empowering the partner language schools and teachers to be able to adapt and integrate the transferred ICT based methods for teaching the target LWUL as a foreign language; improving the knowledge of min. 120 language teachers from outside the partnership by the creation and dissemination of a Handbook containing at least 90 LWUL teaching exercises. You can download the Handbook here.For more information please look at the ICT4LWUL project FB page ICT4LWUL and webpage 

  • 50+ ERASMUS+ programme project Sharing Best Pracices in Teaching English for 50+ / Best for 50+ 
The project partnership compiled a downloadable The Set of Tips & Guidelines for teaching English in 50+ groups
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