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English Courses for Younger Learners

* English for Adolescents & Kids (ages 7-18). Groups at different levels.  Lessons take place 2-3 times a week; attention is paid to all the skills needed to improve one’s level of English (speaking, listening, writing, reading & grammar). Furthermore, there are additional speaking practice classes integrated into the syllabus.

* for Adolescents preparation courses for Year 12 English Language Exam and international English language exams - IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE 

Tallinn Language Centre / International House Tallinn operates an academic year from September to May which involves 160 academic hours of classroom study.

Our 2018/2019 school year (03.09.2018-17.05.2019):
Term 1 (03.09-20.12.2018; 78 ac.hours) – course fee 562 €
Term 2 (14.01-17.05.2019; 82 ac.hours) – course fee 590 €

It is possible to join our courses throughout the school year (September-May).  

Qualified teachers - native speakers of English!

The above course fees include 20% VAT   
1 academic hour = 45 minutes  

Available discounts when joining group courses: a 10% discount is available for our loyal clients.

To join a group at Tallinn Language Centre you need to do a placement test. This involves a grammar test and an interview. After the test we will be able to determine your language level and offer you a place in one of our groups.

Additional info:
Tallinn Language Centre/ International House Tallinn
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Tel: (+372) 6 411 407 / 6 410 607

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