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Individual & In-Company Courses

One-to-one English Classes

Individual tuition is available to any student wishing to follow their own language training programme on a one-to-one basis. Our corporate clients often favour this approach as it enables them to focus on language specific to their role and field of work.
Lessons take place either on our school premises or, if you prefer, online.

In-company English Language Training
In-company group programmes are aimed at people who work for the same organisation and would like to study together in a small group. Various types and lengths of courses are available. Starting dates and schedules will be agreed with the company. The actual programme content will be determined by the level, needs, and to some extent, the interests of the group as a whole.

Prior to the start of the course language assessment is conducted for all participants except Beginners. This involves a written test to assess passive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and a speaking test to establish fluency and degree of confidence. Also, needs analysis of the participants is carried out to determine the reasons why they need to develop their language skills for work. Finally, appropriate groups are put together according to level and needs.
Regular feedback is given to group participants and the relevant company manager through testing and discussion with the teacher. Progress is clearly shown by a written report and certificate of attendance for each participant.

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